Robin Wright on Bringing Her Style to the Netflix Show

“Is it possible that something could be darker than ‘House of Cards’? Yes, this one!”

We already shared a clip about Robin Wright’s first experience behind the lens as a director on House of Cards, but how about we take a moment to look to the future now? Wright’s feature directorial debut Land is due out on PVOD on Friday, March 5th, but she’s already got her next gig lined up and it brings her back to Netflix. Wright is directing an episode of Ozark Season 4.

While celebrating Land’s big debut on an episode of Collider Ladies Night, Wright took a moment to discuss what drew her to the award-winning series starring Jason Bateman and Laura Linney as a couple steeped in a money laundering operation. Here’s what Wright had to say about the appeal of the series:

“It’s one of my favorite shows and has been from Episode 1, Season 1. And I just love that cast so much and the style of the show. And you think, ‘Well, is it possible that something could be darker than House of Cards?’ Yes, this one! [Laughs] So maybe that’s of interest. It’s all kind of conditioning I have, I don’t know. I just love the show and respect that group of actors on it so much, so I’m really honored and excited to be able to direct a little bit of Season 4.”

Laura Linney and Jason Bateman in Ozark Season 3
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Not only is Wright excited to jump into a series she’s genuinely a fan of, but the gig also comes with the opportunity to take her craft as a director a step further — particularly when it comes to adhering to a series style while still bringing some personal flair to it:

“It’s interesting because being on House of Cards, we had to adhere to a canvas. There was a style to that show. We could only use certain lenses, we couldn’t use handheld camera, never use steadicam. And so you felt this structure of kind of being confined, but it’s a great way to learn when you go, ‘Ok, I can’t step outside the toy box there. Okay, how am I going to shoot my style without breaking the style of the show?’ This is going to be the same, I think. And now that I understand, ‘Okay, how do I adhere to the Ozark style but still bring mine as a director?’ Yeah, we’ll see how it goes!”

Robin Wright on the Set of Land
Image via Focus Features

If the quality and success of Wright’s movie Land is any indication, Ozark will lucky to have her behind the lens. In his review of Land, Matt Goldberg pointed out, “Land may not be particularly deep, but not every indie drama has to be complex and layered if it hits the right emotional notes. In her first movie behind the camera, Wright plays those notes like an old pro.” I wholly agree with that assessment of her work and I’m also a big believer that it’s a sure sign of even greater potential behind the lens moving forward.

Keep an eye out for the full Collider Ladies Night episode with Wright dropping on Friday!

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