RED FICTION Drags You Into Jazzy Metal Hell With New Song “Laceration”

Red Fiction, formerly known as Atomic Ape, is the hellishly noisy jazz-tinged metal band headed up by multi-instrumentalist Jason Schimmel (Secret Chiefs 3). We’re premiering the band’s new single “Laceration” today because everyone needs to experience this level of brilliant insanity at least once.

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“‘Laceration’ is a track that was heavily impacted by a wide array of our musical influences: from metal, math rock, and prog to free jazz and noise,” said Schimmel. “Throughout this track all these influences are woven together into an unorthodox sonic cacophony, going outside the box of the typical guitar dominated sound.

“The blueprint of this track is a combination of contrasting instrumentation with disparate elements such as; baritone sax recorded through Marshall stacks, shortwave radio frequency noise, ambient field recordings, Moog analog synthesizers, and 60’s Fender bass VI. Our goal was to plunge the listener into a distorted alternate reality of sounds that conjure up thoughts and images of a futuristic dystopian universe.”

Red Fiction will release their new record Visions of the Void on November 13 via John Zorn’s label Tzadik Records. Visions of the Void includes guest appearances from violist Eyvind Kang on viola (Sunn O))), Mr. Bungle) and vocalist Jessika Kenney (Sunn O))), Wolves in the Throne Room).

Pre-orders are available here.

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