Ray J Wonders If He Made A ‘Mistake’ After Filing For Divorce: Watch – Hollywood Life

Ray J, Princess Love
Ray J and Princess Love married in Aug. 2016, but have been facing ups and downs since Nov. 2019. (Photo Credit: Faye Sadou/MediaPunch /IPX)

“When you’re in your own relationship, sometimes, you know, sometimes you do things spontaneously, sometimes you move too fast, sometimes you make mistakes, you know what I mean?,” Ray J explained. He’s now wondering if he made the right decision, as he continued, “And so…I’m not saying that that’s what I did, or that I made a mistake, but I don’t know if I did make a mistake. I don’t know. I have every right to just not know and still just try to figure it out.” Host Jeannie Mai interjected here, asking if Ray J wants “a happy, stable, loyal marriage,” to which Ray J said, “Yeah, don’t beat me up!”

Elsewhere in the interview, Ray J explained why he was initially opposed to marriage counseling. “I just felt like the counseling was more so a hustle and it wasn’t good…I felt like it would get one-sided,” he admitted. However, it looks like he’s changed his mind — Ray J added, “But, hey, maybe we do need counseling.”

Ray J confirmed again that he’d be open to marriage counseling, and suggested what could’ve sparked this change of heart: “I spent all weekend at the house with the kids, Princess, my mom and her friends. It was just a good vibe, it really was. I just have to fall back and go, damn, this is a really, really good thing.” With that said, Ray J added, “I would be up for [marriage counseling]. I’d be up for whatever it is to make sure my kids have a strong foundation and have both their parents in their lives 24/7.” Ray J and Princess share two children together: their two-year-old daughter Melody, and their eight-month-old son Epik

Princess Love with her and Ray J’s two children, Melody and Epik. (Photo Courtesy of Instagram/@princesslove)

Ray J also explained his decision to divorce his wife in a previous interview, in which he even warmed up to the idea of Princess finding new love! “My wife, if there’s somebody better out there that she wants to be with, then I have to respect that as well. But hey, I don’t know…I can’t say too much, but I love you, Princess. That’s what I can say,” he told Entertainment Tonight on Sept. 15.

Princess was actually the first to file for divorce in May of 2020, but later dismissed the request. The couple had been facing a number of issues — in Nov. 2019, Princess accused Ray J of saying that he was “entertaining some women” after allegedly finding a second cell phone that he owned, and also accused him of leaving her and their daughter “stranded” in Las Vegas after attending the BET Soul Train Awards as a family (which he denied). By the end of Jan. 2020, Princess revealed that she and Ray J had split.

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