Ray Fisher’s Cyborg Being Written Out of the DC Movie

The saga of Ray Fisher and Warner Bros. is an ongoing, utterly confusing boondoggle, with the actor who played Cyborg in 2017’s doomed Justice League feature, accusing director Joss Whedon (who took over for Zack Snyder after a family tragedy) and various Warner Bros. executives of something nefarious, often on Twitter or in the press. And Fisher’s latest salvo, following a profile of executive Walter Hamada (and the announcement that his contract would be reupped), was a tweet on December 30 that read, “Walter Hamada is the most dangerous kind of enabler. He lies, and WB PR’s failed Sept. 4th hit-piece sought to undermine the very real issues of the Justice League investigation. I will not participate in any production associated with him.” Apparently, Warner Bros. took his self-retirement seriously, with The Wrap reporting that Fisher’s role in the upcoming Flash movie will be removed.

According to The Wrap, the role won’t be recast, which could lead to a Poochie-like outcry from audiences asking, “But where’s Cyborg?” (Probably not.) The Flash will be directed by It filmmaker Andy Muschietti and written by Birds of Prey scribe Christina Hodson; it’ll feature a storyline borrowed from the Flashpoint comic book series, involving multiple timelines, with both Michael Keaton and Ben Affleck appearing as Batman.

Part of what makes the whole Ray Fisher controversy so frustrating is that no actual concrete allegations have been leveled, with just some vague accusations about Whedon, Hamada, and others fostering an unsafe and potentially dangerous workplace but nothing to hang your hat on. Clearly, the outcry from several other actors over the reinstatement of Snyder’s original version of Justice League left the impression that they were unhappy with the final film, but it’s unclear if they had similarly untoward interactions or, again, what actually happened. It’s very confusing and we are certain that, one day, this will all be disclosed.

But for now, it seems like everyone is getting what they want. Warner Bros. (and parent company Warner Media), seem very happy with what Hamada has done with the properties and so they are keeping him on. And they know what they want from the Flash movie. And Fisher doesn’t need to be put through even more emotional stress for working with people he doesn’t deem worthy of his trust. So not forcing him (contractually or otherwise) to appear in The Flash seems wise.

You can see Fisher’s first (and only) performance as Cyborg in Snyder’s new, 4-hour-plus version of Justice League beginning in March on HBO Max.

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