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I am a huge fan of GraviTrax from Ravensburger. They’re such a great tool for anyone interested STEM-based toys. You can experiment with gravity, magnetism, and kinetics. It’s just a lot of fun. Well, Ravensburger recently announced GraviTrax PRO which is a new series of tools to make your GraviTrax system even cooler. Filip Francke, CEO of Ravensburger North America, said:

We envisioned GraviTrax to be a system that kids can play with for many years with endless open play opportunities. GraviTrax PRO furthers that promise by offering new challenges and possibilities – there’s something new for kids to discover with every track.

I do want to note that the following GraviTrax PRO items can be used with or without the original GraviTrax sets. Your old sets aren’t useless just because there’s new things to work with.

  • GraviTrax PRO: Vertical Starter Set: GraviTrax goes vertical with the GraviTrax PRO Vertical Starter Set. With 153 elements that include unique components, this set offers everything you need to begin building your own vertical action-packed track systems. Build with walls, pillars, and balconies that can be attached together to form three-dimensional structures. These elements can be integrated seamlessly with existing GraviTrax sets, allowing you to create more dynamic marble runs. The pillars have special notches to connect them with the transparent walls and create more intricate paths for the marbles. Suspend your tracks in the air with the balconies. (Ages 8+ / $79.99 MSRP / Available at Target and Amazon)

  • GraviTrax PRO: Vertical Expansion Set (Set): The GraviTrax PRO Vertical Expansion Set offers 33 additional elements to reach new heights with your track. Create dynamic marble runs with walls, pillars, and balconies that take your tracks to new heights. Whether you create towering three-dimensional structures or suspended tracks, see how high and clever you can build. Combine with the GraviTrax Starter Set and take your track to a new level. (Ages 8+ / $29.99 MSRP/ Available on Amazon)

  • GraviTrax PRO: Mixer (Accessory): Mix up the marbles’ journey with the Mixer. Add some surprise to your tracks by sending up to three marbles into the Mixer and see which sides they exit from. Combine this accessory with any GraviTrax Starter Set. (Ages 8+ / $9.99 MSRP / Available on Amazon)

  • GraviTrax PRO: Splitter (Accessory): Split the directions of the marbles with the Splitter. See if the marbles have enough speed to roll across the trap door. If they roll too slow, the marbles will fall to awaiting tracks below and will go in different directions. Combine this accessory with any GraviTrax Starter Set. (Ages 8+ / $9.99 MSRP / Available on Amazon)

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