Pixar’s First Luca Trailer Has Adorable Sea Monsters, Because Pixar

Pixar is still coming off of one of the studio’s most critically acclaimed hits in Soul. While that film was forced to release on Disney+ rather than in theaters, the animation studio is still planning for a traditional path to release with its next feature Luca. The first trailer for the film is here, and it promises some beautiful locations, as it’s set on the Italian Riviera, and some fun characters, in the form of a pair of boys who are actually sea monsters. But don’t worry, this is Pixar, so even the sea monsters are sort of adorable. 

In the trailer we see three kids, Luca, who will be voiced by Room‘s Jacob Trembley, Alberto, voiced by Shazam!‘s Jack Dylan Grazer, and the entirely human Giulia, voiced by newcomer Emma Berman. The three become an inseparable trio exploring their incredibly charming little seaside town. The hiccup comes when we learn that the town apparently has a history of dealing with sea monsters in quite violent ways, and anytime Luca and Alberto get wet, it is revealed that they actually are sea monsters who are exploring the human world.

I particularly an intrigued by the animation style here. The character design looks like something out of an Aardman Animation stop-motion film. It also resembles, not coincidently, the Oscar winning Pixar short, La Luna. This is because Luca is directed by La Luna‘s director Enrico Casarosa. 

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