PATHS OF SAVAGE GODS Launches Kickstarter to Be Your Next D&D Digital Table — GeekTyrant

More and more people are not only getting into tabletop RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons, but also into digital tabletop settings like Roll20. Enter Michael Fried and the team over at Lyniat Games and their new option Paths of Savage Gods. This will be a digital tabletop board that serves as a tool for Dungeon Masters. It will work on iPadOS, Linux (Ubuntu LTS is the only officially supported distro), macOS, and Windows.

Paths of Savage Gods will provide tools for DMs to randomly generate maps of different sizes and scales, NPCs, encounters, quests, structures, and even points of interest. The DM can then go in and edit anything that they do not like. The tool will also serve as a functioning battle map with cute little figures. For character models, there will be some free pre-built models available, some premium models available from time to time, and even an option to upload your own custom models and icons.

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