Outriders Game Details, Updates, Plans for the Future Revealed by Devs in Ambassador Q&A

Will this be the looter-shooter you’ve been waiting for?


The popularity of the Outriders demo has even surprised the Devs team. The fine folks over at People Can Fly recently talked about the creation of the upcoming looter-shooter and dealing with the success of the pre-release demo; good problems to have, honestly. They’ve also been rather transparent and quick in their communication with the game’s community over social media. All good signs that point to the hopeful health and longevity of the game once it launches in full on April 1st. But the Devs team is also looking into the future of Outriders by listening to their player-base in the present.

Thanks to an ambassador Q&A between People Can Fly and the game’s community leaders, we now have much more info about the future of Outriders that goes well beyond their FAQ. Some of the things they addressed are as follows:

Upcoming Content & Endgame:

  • “Replayability’ is the main core concept for Outriders, per People Can Fly
  • Both Campaigns and Expeditions can be repeated, as expected
  • Seasonal events are possible but will be based on launch reception and performance; sames goes for DLC and expansions in the future
  • No plans for PVP; not even a consideration at this point
  • Solo expeditions are possible in endgame, but you better have the build for it
  • No changes expected for the three-person team setup
  • No in-game voice comms; expect to use Discord or your preferred app
  • Expeditions, which will include matchmaking, will introduce 14 new maps with different lore and mechanics you need to solve/use to complete the mission

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Gameplay Tweaks:

  • Every gun will have unique recoil mechanics, so you’ll have to get used to them
  • Splash damage will apply for explosive guns, projectiles, and mods
  • Weapon appearance can/will be affected by epic variants during modification
  • Weapon management like inventory locking, balancing, stash size, auto-scrapping, and more are being looked at, as are issues like disappearing loot
  • Don’t expect: blood/gore toggles, auto-skip cutscene toggles, transmogrification, or cosmetics (other than unlockable convoy cosmetics)

Thanks to Outriders ambassador ImPwnstar who shared more of what he learned from the Q&A with the People Can Fly team. You can find much more courtesy of the following YouTube summary:

Outriders News on Legendary Loot, Expeditions, End Game and Content inside of the game. Product of a series of Questions and Answers with the devs with Ambassadors. Drop more questions in the comments for a potential follow up! Join our Discord here – https://discord.com/invite/aQZbmbG

Additionally, the Outriders social team has put together some handy tips for you to help you get the most out of the demo:

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