One Raya And The Last Dragon Scene Had To Be Rewritten Many Times

There were quite a few [scenes that were more difficult to get right], I mean, some of it is just sort of the end of the film is very epic and big, and we just had to think about how we do all that complexity-wise, but there were areas that were tough to get right, tone-wise. As we developed the character of Namaari and understood the relationship, the interesting deep relationship between her and Raya and how they’re sort of opposites of each other, we really wanted to get that moment that they meet, the childhood scene, right. And we rewrote that I don’t know how many times. Because what you want to evoke, what I certainly felt like I wanted to evoke in that is when you’re like a teenager and you meet another kid who loves the same obscure band, and you’re just like together forever, they’re your best friend, you’ll trust them with anything. That’s what we were looking for. And that was one of the scenes we rewrote a lot.

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