Nintendo Switch Pro Details Rumored to Feature 7-Inch 720p OLED Screens

With Samsung production ramping up this summer, could a Holiday 2021 release date actually happen?


The Nintendo Switch Pro, a beefed-up version of the current Nintendo Switch console, has been rumored pretty much since the latest Nintendo gaming platform debuted exactly four years ago just yesterday. And in those four years, rather than offer up a more powerful Switch with a bigger screen, Nintendo actually went the other direction with the Nintendo Switch Lite. The Lite opts for a 5.5″ touch screen instead of the standard Switch’s 6.2″, cuts about a third of the weight, and “fuses” the controllers to the portable unit since the smaller, cheaper version can’t be docked to play on a TV or monitor. So it makes sense that, should Nintendo actually decide to deliver on Pro rumors, they’d go the other way and slam a big ol’ honkin’ screen in that sucker.

And that’s where the latest round of Nintendo Switch Pro frenzy got its start. Bloomberg reports that Samsung is going to ramp up production on 7″ 720p OLED touchscreen panels this June. (Curious timing considering that we’re in a global shortage of semiconductor chips, but maybe Nintendo’s opting to stay ahead of their production curve.) Takashi Mochizuki and Sohee Kim‘s write-up, which stops short of calling the new model a Nintendo Switch Pro, reports that Samsung is aiming to produce 1 million units ready to ship to Nintendo by July. Neither Samsung nor Nintendo reps opted to respond with a comment.

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Nintendo Switch’s currently rocking a liquid-crystal display, but the switch (pun intended) to OLED should “consume less battery [power], offer higher contrast and possibly faster response time” said Yoshio Tamura, co-founder of display consultancy Digital Supply Chain Consultants. The new model is also expected to feature “4K ultra-high definition graphics when paired with TVs,” giving the Switch a leg up in competition with competitor consoles. But a new screen is one thing; a more powerful chipset is another. Stay tuned for more on the potential arrival of a Nintendo Switch Pro, or whatever name they choose, later this year.

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