New Steppenwolf Design Revealed by Zack Snyder

Director Zack Snyder teased a new look for his Snyder Cut ‘Justice League’ villain Steppenwolf, voiced by Ciaran Hinds.


A look at the new and improved Steppenwolf design for the Snyder Cut has been revealed by director Zack Snyder. The DCEU’s Thanos equivalent helped announce the arrival of the black-and-white trailer for Zack Snyder’s Justice League on Tuesday morning. The character of Steppenwolf was voiced by Ciarán Hinds in the 2017 release of Justice League. In Snyder’s recut of Justice League coming to HBO Max, Hinds will still voice Steppenwolf and the character will be joined by the equally ominous Darkseid.

Snyder shared the new Steppenwolf design on the Vero app on Tuesday. The Vero-only image reveals a noticeably different version of Steppenwolf than the one audiences met back in 2017. Snyder’s vision teases a Steppenwolf who sports a much flashier gold suit and helmet that puts a major emphasis on conveying spikiness. There are spikes coming out of every darn inch of this new suit, signaling to everyone within five feet of this guy that he is not going to give you a hug, so please stop asking. For my money, I’ll take the older version of the suit, please and thank you; I don’t trust a DCEU villain who’s too flashy. (Yes, that is a dig at Jesse Eisenberg‘s Lex Luthor.)

Image via Warner Bros.

Joining Hinds in the Justice League Snyder Cut are plenty of familiar faces. Ben AffleckHenry CavillJason MomoaGal GadotRay Fisher, and Ezra Miller will be back as the titular Justice League. The additional supporting cast includes Diane LaneAmy AdamsJeremy Irons, and Jared Leto, who will reprise his version of Joker as seen in Suicide Squad. The new Justice League will be a four-part miniseries for HBO Max with approximately four minutes of new footage added.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League is set to premiere on HBO Max in 2021. Check out the new Steppenwolf design over on Vero. Get even more HBO Max updates here.

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