New Season 4 Trailer Teases an Epic Ending to Final Season

The titanic end to what may well be the show of a generation is almost here.


The anime phenomenon that is Attack on Titan is coming to an end, and Crunchyroll has released a new trailer that hypes up the mind-blowing, bone-crushing apocalyptic action that is coming to the small screen for the rest of the month. If for some reason you haven’t caught up on the show, there’s still time before the finale airs on March 28.

With only three episodes left to go, Attack on Titan is building up to a war to end all wars, and as the trailer teases, you better brace yourself, because “the most titanic anime of a generation ends here.” Weirdly enough, there is still a ton of story left in the manga, so expect an announcement of either a feature film or a “Part 2” to wrap up the story.

The aptly titled Attack on Titan Final Season picks up four years after the end of the previous season, which dropped a huge bombshell that changed everything fans thought they knew about the world of the show. For the past 13 episodes, Attack on Titan has blurred the line between good and evil, friend and foe, showing us the other side of a centuries-long conflict and forcing the audience to ask themselves who the real monsters are. The show offers thrilling action and great characters, but it also explores complex themes of nationalism, war propaganda and how people easily succumb to fascism.

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Attack on Titan Final Season Trailer
Image via Crunchyroll

After Attack on Titan premiered way back in 2013, it quickly became one of the biggest anime in the world, becoming popular not only in Japan, but abroad. It’s easy to see why, the show featured a simple story of survival not unlike that in The Walking Dead, with what appears to be the remnants of humanity trying to survive behind giant walls that protect them from grotesque, man-eating Titans. It’s gruesome, action-packed, and one of the bleakest anime out there. That, and the soundtrack is full of bangers.

The final episode of Attack on Titan Final Season premieres Sunday, March 28, on Crunchyroll. Check out the trailer below.

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