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New Saw Film Currently in Active Development at Twisted Pictures!

New Saw Film Currently in Active Development at Twisted Pictures!

New Saw film currently in active development at Twisted Pictures!

As if fans weren’t already excited enough for the Chris Rock-fronted installment of the hit horror franchise, it’s been revealed that production company Twisted Pictures are currently in active development on a tenth Saw film! (Via JoBlo)

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Though plot details are, understandably, being kept under wraps for the time being, news of the project comes as a listing in the latest issue of Production Weekly shows that a new film named Saw X is in active development at the studio, with Twisted co-founders Oren Koules and Mark Burg once again producing of the studio. While this development is considered active, it should be noted that the studio may elect to postpone or cancel it outright should the next film underperform at the box office.

Interestingly, franchise creators James Wan and Leigh Whannell are also attached as producers on the project, much like they have been on the previous installments past their writing and directing tenures in the series, though it marks the first time the former is producing via his Atomic Monster Productions label. Given the banner was only founded in 2014 and both he and Whannell already have full dance cards, it’s unlikely this extra bit is indicative of a deeper involvement from the duo.

The original Saw‘s box office success spawned a franchise of six sequels, the first two of which had Whannell return as writer and producer alongside Wan and the first three helmed by Darren Lynn Bousman. After initially concluding with Saw: The Final Chapter in 2010, the series found new life with the prequel/sequel Jigsaw in 2017, whose box office success helped convince Lionsgate to keep the franchise rolling with the forthcoming Spiral, which appears to be set narratively after the events of the 2017 film though its deeper connections to the titular killer are currently unknown.

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The Chris Rock-fronted Spiral: From the Book of Saw is set to hit theaters on May 14!

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