New Dalek Design Revealed Before Holiday Special

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The Daleks will be front-and-center in the holiday special “Revolution of the Daleks.”


Infamous Doctor Who villains the Daleks are getting a new look for the upcoming holiday special “Revolution of the Daleks.” The Daleks have been enemies of the Doctor from the very beginning, seeking to eradicate the Time Lord through the use of their unique bronze robot vehicles which house members of the mutant alien species. With the Daleks poised to take center stage in the 2020 holiday special as the primary antagonist, it seems only fitting they’d get a new look for the big event.

The new Dalek design was revealed earlier this week by UK outlet RadioTimes. The new design, as seen on the cover of the latest issue, reveals a sleeker-looking Dalek with an all-black body, chrome accents, and a blue light. The new Dalek design is not intended to replace the previous Dalek design, per Doctor Who boss Chris Chibnall (also via RadioTimes); instead, the two versions will co-exist in the Doctor Who universe. According to Chibnall, “You’re never replacing what’s gone before, you’re just adding a new variant. It wasn’t like we were saying ‘These will replace the bronze Daleks!’ It’s just this story is about these black and red Daleks, which light up at night and do all sorts of things.”

Image via BBC

In addition to Chibnall’s comments about the new Dalek design, Doctor Who executive producer Matt Strevens also shared some insights with RadioTimes. He commented, “You want to contemporize them and make them hold up to scrutiny under modern filming techniques, and to look as high-end as you possibly can. You can’t stray too far from the classic design – but then what can you do within that? How can you make them feel different, relevant, sexy, and lethal as well?”

The new Daleks won’t be the only upgrade coming to Doctor Who: Revolution of the Daleks. Last week, it was revealed that popular Doctor Who and Torchwood alum John Barrowman was set to return as Captain Jack Harkness. Harkness will be a key player in the plot of the special, which sees him “on hand to help the family as they discover a disturbing plan forming involving one of the Doctor’s most feared and dangerous enemies, the Daleks,” per BBC America’s synopsis of the episode.

The Doctor Who: Revolution of the Daleks holiday special will air on BBC America this holiday season. Check out the new Dalek design below.

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