NANDI BUSHELL Streams Super Positive New Song “Gods and Unicorns”

Nandi Bushell, the drummer who totally beat Dave Grohl at drums, is now streaming her debut solo track “Gods and Unicorns”. The song really could not be more fun if it tried, and the positivity in the lyrics is something we all need in our lives right now!

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Here’s what Bushell had to say about the track.

“GODS AND UNICORNS – My heart is full of pride! I am so excited for you to hear my new song I wrote with Zuzu. On the song I play ALL the instruments myself. I wrote and recorded the song at home. #fillyourheartwithpride. Please GO DOWNLOAD or STREAM!

“I LOVE making music, I took lots of influences from all the songs I have covered to make it. I wanted melodies like TheBeatles, slap bass like in Lenny Kravitz songs, lead guitar tapping like Van Halen and beats like Bonzo from Led Zeppelin. I put it all together to make my own song with help from my friend Zuzu. Zuzu is a great artist and teacher.

“A SPECIAL THANK YOU: Guitar Center #whywemakemusic, without their support I would not have been able to record this song. #guitarcenter

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“Thank You Daddy John Bushell for making my music video and Munkey Junkey for producing the song.”

Keep up the fantastic work, Nandi. This rips!

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