Moving Forward Together: Julianne Moore and Bette Midler on The Glorias | Interviews

I have to say, I love all the hats that she wears and I know that’s very accurate to her real-life character. 

BM: Well, Bella wore a hat because she wanted to be distinguished from the secretaries. She found out very early on that men did not take you seriously if you weren’t wearing a hat. If you were wearing a hat, they knew you were in there for business. But if you didn’t wear a hat, you were somebody who’s looking for a job. So once she put that hat on her head, she never varied. She found her look, she stuck with it and it became iconic. And what was it that Pat Nixon said? “Oh, you’re the lady in all those little bonnets.” She did. She did call them little bonnets.

I want to go back to something Julianne was saying, that this film is about different generations of Glorias. And to me, the title—“The Glorias,” plural—also represents all of us as women, standing on the shoulders of other women that came before us. I was thinking about this notion yesterday after losing one of our heroes in Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. 

JM: Of course, I think about this all the time. I particularly think about the kinds of gifts that I was given when I was born and as a young woman, that my mother didn’t have. My mother grew up [in a time when] her parents saved money for her brother to go to college, but none for her, you know? So she was married and had children and she made it very clear to me that was not going to be my path because of the way things had changed. I do think that we all stand on the shoulders of one another. And the thing that you learn from Gloria is, we move forward fast together, knowing that we are a team, a group. What’s good for all of us is that kind of intersectionality.

BM: In life, everyone stands on everyone else’s shoulders. Every invention is built on another invention or another idea. We’re constantly in motion. That’s the way the planet and the universe works. So yes, we stand on the shoulders of those who came before us. And certainly Ruth Bader Ginsburg has inspired a whole new generation; two new generations of young women who are going to follow in her path. I feel that Julie Taymor made this movie just in time. It’s the perfect time for it. Women are examining their position in the world. They familiarize themselves with the people that came before. People [discuss] the African-American women’s contribution to the suffragist movement, which of course is considerable. And these things are starting to fall into historical perspective. And I think that this picture is very, very helpful in the way that it shows women not as at each other’s throats, but as moving as one; accepting an idea in a universal fashion and deciding to move forward together. And I think that it’s fantastic.

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