Mike Flanagan’s Revival Adaptation Is No Longer Happening

Someone needs to revive this project immediately.


Mike Flanagan has made some excellent adaptations of Stephen King’s novels, with the grisly and creepy Gerald’s Game and the sprawling horror fantasy sequel Doctor Sleep. Unfortunately, we won’t see Flanagan tackle more King anytime soon, as the director has revealed that he is no longer attached to the adaptation of Revival.

Flanagan made the announcement on his Twitter account in an interaction with a fan earlier today, providing the first (and decidedly disappointing) update on the project since last summer. King’s 2014 novel follows a charismatic young preacher who becomes obsessed with electrical experiments after his wife and child are killed in an accident, and it is legitimately one of the most haunting books of the prolific author’s career. Flanagan was brought on board to pen a draft of the adaptation with the option to direct. It’s unclear from his tweet whether or not he completed a draft, or why exactly his version of the project is now dead in the water, but as a fan of both Flanagan and King I can say with 100% certainty that this news is a real bummer.

Revival has had a surprisingly rocky road to the big screen. The New Mutants director Josh Boone was initially attached to the project, completing his own draft of the screenplay with Russell Crowe set to star at one point. (Crowe is a little old to be a perfect choice for the role of the preacher, but I would’ve absolutely watched that version of the film.) Boone eventually stepped aside from Revival to focus on a different King adaptation, which would become the miniseries The Stand currently streaming on CBS All Access. Hopefully, Revival will find a new director sometime soon, because I need to see that wild-ass story become a movie ASAP. For more King, check out Collider’s review of The Stand.

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