Michael Bay in Talks With Gyllenhaal, Eyeing González & O’Brien for Ambulance

Michael Bay in Talks With Gyllenhaal, Eyeing Gonzalez & O'Brien for Ambulance

Michael Bay in talks with Gyllenhaal, eyeing González & O’Brien for Ambulance

After teaming with two of Fox’s Marvel stars on his last action-packed project, Michael Bay is looking to the MCU as he has entered talks with Spider-Man: Far From Home‘s Jake Gyllenhaal to star in his upcoming thriller Ambulance, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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The film, which is being penned by Chuck and Prodigal Son co-creator Chris Fedak, is being described as “a three-hander that tells of two brothers that steal an ambulance that is already in a heightened state with a female paramedic and a patient who is in critical condition,” with the story aiming for a tone akin to late ’90s and early ’00s action hits such as Speed and Training Day.

In addition to Gyllenhaal, who is in talks to portray the older brother of the story, the film has reportedly attracted the attention of Baby Driver and Bloodshot star Eiza González and Love and Monsters star Dylan O’Brien, who previously collaborated with Bay on the Transformers spin-off prequel Bumblebee, in which he voiced the titular Autobot.

Sources report that for his next directorial project, Bay was eyeing both Ambulance and a big-budget video game adaptation at Sony, which game it is is currently unknown, but thanks to the pandemic-friendly nature of the former’s production plan and his desire for a character-driven project in contrast to his standard explosion-happy fare, he landed on that. It will also mark the second project of Bay’s to shoot in Los Angeles during quarantine after the pandemic thriller Songbird, on which he was a producer.

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The project is currently being packaged by Endeavor Content, with Universal Pictures getting an inside track on acquiring the rights to the film.

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