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METAL INJECTION LIVECAST #614 – Brutal Taxation with EVILE’s Ol Drake

We kicked things off today with the news that Iced Earth‘s Jon Schaffer is cooperating with government officials. After learning about the true meaning of anarchy, we are joined by very special guest, Ol Drake of Evile. Their new album, Hell Unleashed, is out Friday, April 30th 2021. We talk about his return to the bvand, the various lineup changes, the troubles of being in a British thrash band and when we can expect them back on the road. After the interview, we discuss $300 xupermasks, “fixing” classic audio, AI creating Nirvana and offensive music lyrics.

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We are bringing back an old favorite with a twist, the music break – now as a Spotify playlist to listen to whenever you want. Make sure to follow the playlist. This week’s tracks are
Suffocation – Brood of Hatred
DMX – Fuckin’ wit’ D
The Suicide Machines – Our Time

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