METAL INJECTION LIVECAST #612 – Lore of Fungibility

We kick things off talking about the logistics of Iced Earth guitarist Jon Schaffer’s bail hearing. We talk about Ted Nugent’s friendship with Tom Morello briefly. We discussed a disgusting shrimp discovery online. We get into a whole chat about old-school cereals. We get deep into NFTs and what fungibility is. We play an incredible Mike Francesa clip. We discuss how grossed out Rob and Noa are about dog germs to wind down the show.

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We are bringing back an old favorite with a twist, the music break – now as a Spotify playlist to listen to whenever you want. Make sure to follow the playlist. This week’s tracks are
Suicidal Tendencies – Subliminal
Gogol Bordello – American Wedding
Jenny Lewis – Just One of the Guys
Cro-Mags – Seekers of the Truth

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