MCU Fans Defend Eternals Star Kumail Nanjiani After Steroid Use Accusations

The MCU has a well-documented track record using an intense diet and fitness regimen to turn its actors into something resembling the implausibly jacked comic book counterparts of the characters they portray. One of the latest to come out the other side of such a regime, Eternals star Kumail Nanjiani, has been on the receiving end of steroid use accusations.

Prior to joining the MCU, it wouldn’t be uncharitable to suggest that Nanjiani was not in the best of shape. He was best known for a variety of comedic roles, primarily in TV shows Franklin & Bash and Silicon Valley, such parts being where actors not fitting into American media’s absurdly narrow standards of conventional attractiveness often find acceptance (which leads to a whole other conversation I don’t have the time or space to go into).

Fans have leapt to his defense and pointed out the double standard at play, making their thoughts on the reason for the claims more than clear.

As several of the comments suggest with varying degrees of subtlety, many are of the opinion the accusation is down to race, with the MCU’s other, distinctly less brown leading men having received no similar accusations regardless of transforming into even greater beefcakes.

It’s not even as if Nanjiani’s buff final form was even that sudden. After beginning his journey he documented his progress on social media where his transformation was evident and gradual, and at the end when the official stills were published he gave credit to the dieticians and personal trainers the studio provided him with to allow him to achieve it.

Even if he did use performance enhancers it certainly won’t detract from his performance as Kingo, and when Eternals is released in November we’ll get to see how his fitness translates to convincing as a superhero, while demonstrating Nanjiani’s further acting talents he has only now had the opportunity to use.

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