Matt Reeves Producing New Period Horror Movie Switchboard

Matt Reeves has officially showed us what his film production life might look like post-The Batman. And reader? I am excited about it. Hearkening back to his early days of high-concept horror (CloverfieldLet Me In), the Hollywood Reporter reports that Reeves will be producing a contained horror film called Switchboard. It’s got an irresistible premise, and an irresistible period setting.

Written by thriller maestro Devon Grave (I See You), Switchboard is set in the 1940s, and focuses on a young, female switchboard operator who receives a cryptic call from a vicious serial killer — and as she tries to figure out how to deal with him, she realizes she might be his next target, all facades of reality and truth dissolving around her along the way. Reeves is producing the film alongside Steven Schneider (Paranormal Activity), Armaan Zorace (acclaimed short film “God Is Dead”), Rafi Crohn (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes), Margot Hand (Brittany Runs a Marathon), and Joshua Thurston (Permission). The film will also be produced through newly founded company Dark Hall, which aims to focus on horror, thriller, and other genre works.

Matt Reeves on the set of Let Me In
Image via Overture Films

I’ve screamed about my love of contained high-concept suspense thrillers on this website before; I’m sure I’ll scream about them again soon. But wowie zowie, does this concept sing to me. I simply love the ’40s period setting, I simply love a “on the phone with a killer” story, and I simply love anything that implies our notion of reality itself will bend surreally along the way! The writer’s track record of acclaimed, mid-budget thrillers coupled with Reeves’ obviously excellent taste makes Switchboard one I will keep paying attention to until we achieve connection.

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