Love and Thunder Audition Tape Is a Delight

Someone better get Taika Waititi on the horn because there are two actors who need to be cast in Thor: Love and Thunder immediately — and their names are Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone. Yes, Thor: Love and Thunder already boasts a pretty stellar cast including Natalie PortmanTessa ThompsonChris HemsworthChristian Bale as the villain Gorr the God Butcher, and returning Thor alum Jaimie Alexander as Lady Sif. But in a vision of Thor the God of Thunder’s world that introduced us to a variety of colorful new characters like the lovable rock monster Korg, couldn’t we make some room for comedy duo McCarthy and Falcone, too?

The funny couple shared their unofficial Thor: Love and Thunder audition tape on McCarthy’s Instagram on Friday. The video, which clocks in at about two minutes, sees the couple wishing their followers well on Christmas before launching into the audition portion of their video. According to Falcone, he and McCarthy are “desperate to be in Love and Thunder” which explains why the pair have self-taped their audition for Waititi without anyone asking them to do so. The couple goes on to note just how prepared they are. Falcone says he has a monologue from The Tempest ready to go while McCarthy is ready to wow with a monologue from the 1985 Geraldine Page movie The Trip to Bountiful. As the couple continues to riff, Falcone’s pronunciation of “Marvel” turns into a hilarious riff that likens the studio to Carvel. McCarthy offers the compliment, “Marvel, you make a wonderful movie and a wonderful ice cream cake,” before the pair launches into an improvised song and McCarthy explains her hummus-making skills. Basically, this is the Garth and Kat of audition tapes and it is a sincere delight to watch.

Image via Marvel Studios

There is currently no official conversation around the possibility of McCarthy and/or Falcone appearing in Thor: Love and Thunder; however, this Instagram post proves there should be. Given the cheeky tone of Waiti’s Thor world, it’s not hard to see McCarthy and Falcone fitting into that MCU world as comedic relief characters. Maybe Korg returns in Love and Thunder and has two new friends voiced by Falcone and McCarthy. Maybe Gorr the God Butcher strikes down as Asgardian couple and they just so happened to be played by — you guessed it — McCarthy and Falcone. It’s all fair game! All I know is that I sincerely hope this video finds its way to Waititi ASAP for consideration.

Thor: Love and Thunder is currently scheduled for release on May 6, 2022. Watch McCarthy and Falcone’s perfect audition tape on Instagram below. For more, here’s a complete list of everything scheduled for Marvel’s Phase 4 and beyond.


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