Logitech Color Collection Review of Wireless Headset, Mouse, and Keyboard

I’ve been using Logitech computer gear for about as long as I can remember. So long, in fact, that my previous mouse/keyboard combo saw me through four U.S. presidential administrations. Needless to say my peripherals were in serious need of a modern upgrade. (Kudos to the team behind the EX 100, pairing the wireless keyboard and mouse to one USB hub; more than 10 years later and they’re both still kicking!) So it’s thanks to the fine folks at Logitech that I’m now stylin’ (and profilin’) with their aptly named Color Collection.

Replacing my old mouse/keyboard combo is the wireless gaming mouse (G305) and tenkeyless wireless gaming keyboard (G915 TKL). Additionally, upping my ear game (which wasn’t hard considering I normally rock whatever pair of earbuds are laying around at a given time) is Logitech’s stylish G733 wireless gaming headset. Before I get into the tech, specs, and review of each peripheral individually, I’d like to give you a general overview of the whole collection, its pros and cons, and the ease of use when it comes to installation and maintenance through the proprietary Logitech G Hub software.

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When the Logitech Color Collection peripherals arrived, I opted to add a little extra pressure to the install process by unboxing and installing them all live with my Twitch community. That could have gone disastrously, but I’m happy to say that the install process was even easier than the unboxing. The pared-down instructions, which are more pictographic than anything else, walk you through the basic steps: Plug the USB receiver in, turn the device on, connect the two through your computer, and hit the ground running. It really was that easy, and Logitech’s centralized G Hub software immediately recognized everything as promised.

But it’s that same software that hides the occasional gremlin and gives me a logistical headache from time to time. The hardware is rock-solid; I’ll talk a little bit more about how much I like each of the physical pieces below. So when the headset wheel won’t adjust the volume, or the keyboard won’t connect, my first go-to for troubleshooting is G Hub. It’s often as simple as turning the given device off and on again, or unplugging and replugging in the USB; that solves 99% of any issues I have with the tech. (My major gripe is the Lightspeed descriptor for the keyboard and mouse, which are intended to connect to your wireless network but each require their own USB receiver. Remember that my ~2010 keyboard/mouse combo ran off of the same receiver. Luckily, the keyboard has a Bluetooth connection option to avoid eating up yet another precious USB port.)

Aside from the occasional software hiccup along the way, Logitech’s Color Collection has quickly and easily replaced my more primitive gaming gear as daily-use peripherals. They’re the rare success of both form and function, succeeding at delivering comfortable and stylish devices that do what they promise on the box and look damn good doing so. I’ll get into more details on each below, starting with …

G733 Wireless Gaming Headset

Image via Logitech

The G733 was easily my biggest upgrade of the bunch. It answered a lot of pain points for me: With 10+ hours of Twitch streaming a week, I wanted a wireless headset (short, snagging cords drive me crazy) with a rock-solid connection, lightweight and comfortable fit with plenty of adjustable range, decent battery life, and quality sound performance. Check, check, check, etc. The G733 went above and beyond all my expectations. It’s easily replaced every other set of headphones I’ve owned, including the more expensive, weighty, and somewhat intrusive Nuraphones (which do get the edge in ambient sound-blocking thanks to exceptional design) and Bluetooth earbuds that are pain when it comes to battery life, syncing, and comfort. I really can’t say enough about the G733; it just works how it’s supposed to and brings a little flair in the process.

Do I need RGB runners on my headphones? No, but I sure do like having the option. The Logitech G Hub lets you customize the RGB insets, which can be as toned-down or vibrant and responsive as you like. I keep mine pretty low-key, but they’re a nice way of reminding me that yes, my headphones are indeed powered on and functioning as intended. Additionally, the G733 comes with an unobtrusive mic attachment, adding value to the headset since you don’t necessarily have to drop more money on a separate mic. Better still, since I have a mic that I prefer using, I can simply detach the G733 mic, easy peasy. You can check out more overall specs here. 

G305 Wireless Gaming Mouse

Image via Logitech

When it comes to gaming mice, I’m easy to please. I’m more of a console gamer than a PC player, but I do prefer having an external mouse for my daily work use. I’ve made due with track pads, relatively weighty mice (the G305 uses one AA battery instead of the two my previous mouse required), and bare-bones function over form. But the G305 can easily pull double duty as a daily-use mouse for office work and a solid addition to your gaming peripherals thanks to programmable buttons (including two on the left side and a central one under the scroll wheel) and an adjustable DPI range from 200 – 12,000. For its relatively inexpensive price point (and its colorful options), the G305 is an easy recommendation. Check out more specs here. 

G915TKL Keyboard

Image via Logitech

If there’s a peripheral in the Logitech Color Collection that has me a little more divided, it’s the G915 TKL keyboard. On the pros side, this low-profile, solidly built, compact little darling is a robust and sturdy addition to my desktop. It fits in just about any setup you have thanks to its minimal size. It also makes the most out of having fun with RGBs and it’s an absolute delight to watch them in action; it’s like having a little customizable rainbow at your fingertips. It’s also super responsive, satisfyingly click-y thanks to the mechanical key action, and has quality-of-life features like a quick-access scroll bar and a variety of modes to easily switch profiles.

My only issue with the keyboard is the one I mentioned earlier: Connectivity. Thankfully this little beauty has a Bluetooth connection option so that I don’t need to eat up a second USB slot just to have a functioning mouse and keyboard. Add to it the relatively expensive price point at about $230 and the G915 TKL might not be for everyone or their budget. You can check out more specs on the keyboard here.

That’s honestly it though when it comes to downsides. Everything else in the Logitech Color Collection works as advertised and then some. If you’re looking to bring a little color into your office and/or gaming life, be it the stylish palettes available for each peripheral or the always-delightful RGB light shows, take a good long look at the Color Collection ASAP.

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