Let’s Talk About ORIGINS #1 — GeekTyrant

This is definitely a comic that will take a few issues to really tell if I’m into it or not. The world has definitely gone to crap for humans and we have a woman looking for a child. The child then seems to grow up and seems to be the key to everything. I honestly felt like this issue was too short. It didn’t seem to really explain anything and I’m worried that this is going to be a pattern for this series.

We do see that something infects plants and then that’s able to somehow be used by The Network. The Network are hunting David, and it appears that they may finally have found him. I’m still a little confused at who Chloe is supposed to be. She’s the one that I guess raised David, although that’s still a little confusing to me. Also, she doesn’t seem to have aged a day between the shots of the past and the present.

What did you think of Origins #1? Do you think that it’ll be worth it in the end?

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