Lars Ulrich’s 92-Year-Old Dad, Torben, Just Put Out A New Album

One of the few bright spots of the infamous Metallica documentary Some Kind of Monster was the moment where Torben Ulrich, Lars’ now 92-year-old father, was in the studio and iconically told Lars to “delete that” after hearing a take.

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Just in case you never saw it:

Today, Lars announced that his dad put out his own record. Writing on Instagram, the younger Ulrich states “This is my dad… he’s the one on the left. 92-years-old and just getting started…”

He continued, “Today, as one does at his age, he’s putting out another record… This one being a collaboration with his dear friend @legoldston. If anybody’s interested in checking it out, it’s available on the @obscure_terrible Bandcamp page. Definitely something to aspire to.”

Ulrich hashtagged the post #HeavyMetalGandalf.

The jazz album is now streaming on Bandcamp. It’s called  Oakland moments: cello, voice, reuniting (rejoicing) and features Torben playing with Lori Goldston.

Listen below:

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