Kevin Smith To Narrate Russo Brothers’ Marvel Vs. DC Docuseries Slugfest

Joe and Anthony Russo are now some of the hottest directors in the entertainment industry. After making their start on Arrested Development and Community they’ve gone on to define the MCU, beginning with Captain America: The Winter Soldier and finishing with last year’s Avengers: Endgamethe highest-grossing movie of all time by some margin.

Now they’re producing docuseries Slugfest, adapting Reed Tucker’s 2017 book Slugfest: Inside the Epic, 50-year Battle between Marvel and DC. This will focus on the rivalry between the two comics companies, chronicling their history of attempting to outmanoeuvre one another, stealing each other’s employees, aggressive price wars and even planting spies (along with mutual mockery in each other’s pages).

Yesterday the Russo Brothers appeared at a virtual panel at the New York Comic-Con to promote it, during which they revealed that Kevin Smith would be narrating the series. Anthony Russo said:

“We want to announce here something special. Kevin, I’m gonna embarrass you for a second, but your voice, Kevin Smith’s voice, has become almost pavlovian for me in terms of like, when I hear it, I know I’m gonna hear fresh, creative, innovative thoughts on all of my favorite subjects. So it gets me going right away the second I hear your voice and it couldn’t be more thrilling or appropriate that you, sir, are the narrator of Slugfest. We’re very thrilled about that and I think audiences are going to as well.”

Smith himself then appeared on the panel, saying:

“I was honored. I’ll tell you when I sat in with Don [Argott] and Sheena [M. Joyce], and we did the voiceover, I got to do the narration like I got to watch the episodes and I told them when I was doing the voiceover, I am so glad that I got to be involved cause if I watch this show and I wasn’t involved, I would’ve been so angry.”

Slugfest is set to premiere November 9 on… wait, Quibi?! Seriously? I thought they’d gone under already as nobody wanted to see bad TV shows on their phones? All indications are that Quibi isn’t long for this world, so let’s hope that this cool-sounding documentary makes the jump to a proper network soon.

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