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Kenny Ortega’s Best Movies, Ranked

Raise your hand if you grew up obsessed with Disney Channel movies. raises hand.

Like many other people of my generation, we grew up with The Disney Channel, a great excuse for plopping down in front of the TV. However, there was one thing that the Disney Channel – as well as Disney in general – always seemed to rock, and that was musicals. And honestly, Kenny Ortega has been a big part of that. 

Whether or not you know Kenny Ortega by name, you will for sure recognize his films. In addition to decades of success as a choreographer — Pretty In Pink, Dirty Dancing, Madonna’s “Material Girl” video, to name just a few of his choreography credits —  Kenny Ortega is the man responsible for some of our favorite childhood hits, like High School Musical, Hocus Pocus, and many others. Today, I’m going to give the praise the man deserves and rank some of his best films from my own opinion, because it’s time we all get our head in the game, and thank this man for practically raising us. To be clear, these are all films he directed.

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