Justice League Sequels: Zack Snyder’s Plan For Henry Cavill’s Superman Sounds Amazing

The thing that’s cool, that I’ve talked about quite a bit, is that in the two movies that were to follow this movie, you basically have the fall of Earth, and Superman is the main villain of that movie. After the timeline is rung back and Batman… after Batman’s sacrifice, Superman becomes the de facto head of the Justice League. And then he becomes the main hero of the final film. So you literally, in two films, he has to go from really like the destroyer of worlds to the savior of everyone. In a lot of ways, Superman has the biggest arc of anyone in the whole thing. And we did that on purpose because — maybe it was overcompensation for the notion that Superman normally doesn’t change very much, and in a lot of the Superman (comic book) runs, his morality is the rock that everyone breaks off against. And we were like, ‘Let’s just really stretch Superman as far as we can.’ Because we think, well, frankly, we have such a great Superman. Henry can do it. So why not?

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