Julianne Moore and Lorraine Toussaint on the Rowdy Set of The Glorias

If you couldn’t already tell based on this article title, Julianne Moore and Lorraine Toussaint very much enjoyed the high-energy, positive vibe on the set of The Glorias. Moore leads the movie as one of four actors playing iconic feminist, journalist and activist, Gloria Steinem. The Julie Taymor-directed film covers the large majority of Steinem’s journey, from growing up in the 1940s to present day, and that, of course, includes Steinem’s experience crossing paths with Lorraine Toussaint as feminist and civil right activist, Flo Kennedy.


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The movie sees the pair working on Ms. magazine together and the energy in those scenes is particularly infectious, not just because it focuses on the launch of the landmark publication, but also because of the cast chemistry. It turns out, Moore’s approach to creating the right tone on set might have had a lot to do with that:

“Well, as Lorraine might recall, I like to talk! I love being on set and I love talking to other actors, and this particular group of people was so extraordinary that I like to chat everybody up. But I hope anyway, that that creates an experience where people feel that we’re all part of the whole, you know? I think whatever you can do to make sure that we’re all in it together and that you kind of break down these barriers, and keep communicating, keep talking. And I always think if I can bring my energy, my own personal energy to the character and communicate that to the other actor, then we’ve built a bond.”

Toussaint then confirmed as much and also further emphasized how Moore’s attitude made all the difference:

“She’s underplaying what she actually brought to the set because the bottom line is, is that Julie’s generosity set the tone, honest to god. And that chatting that she talks about is just her extraordinarily transparent, loving, giving spirit that sort of infused the set because she is the star of the film. And so, when she opened her arms and opened the doors and suddenly we were so embraced by her, it made it a very safe place to work, it made it a joyous place to work, it was fun. It was rowdy! I remember more than once Julie coming in to shut us up; ‘You guys gave to be quiet now!’ We were very noisy. But we were having a wonderful time creating, and the creative timing; it was a heightened creative timing, and joyous, so it was lovely.”


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If you’d like to hear more from Moore and Toussaint about their experience making The Glorias, what Toussaint would most like to see in a feature film about Flo Kennedy and the scene Moore found most challenging, give the full interview a watch at the top of this article! The Glorias arrives on Digital and will stream exclusively on Prime Video on September 30th.

Julianne Moore and Lorraine Toussaint:

  • Moore discusses the advantages of sharing the role of Gloria Steinem with three other actors.
  • What was it like for Toussaint acting opposite two different actors playing the same role?
  • What do Moore and Toussaint like to do on set to set the tone and to bring the most out of their co-stars?
  • If/when Flo Kennedy gets her own movie, what part of her story would Toussaint be most eager to share with moviegoers?
  • Moore details the most challenging thing she had to do in the movie.
  • Has Moore ever been asked to return for another Jurassic movie? And is she interested?

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