Jim Cummings on the 5 Films That Inspired The Wolf of Snow Hollow

The Wolf of Snow Hollow is one of our favorite films of 2020, a deeply strange werewolf horror-comedy that defies most recommendations other than “just watch it.” (Here’s our full review, if you want to know more.) So, naturally, we leaped—some would say wolf-like—at the opportunity to talk to writer/director/star Jim Cummings about the movies and television series that inspired, informed, or otherwise made its mark during the creative process of Cummings’ snowbound creature feature.

Below, Jim Cummings walks us through four films (and one TV series!) that led to The Wolf of Snow Hollow.



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“The cinematic language of the film is so cool, introducing the victims before their attacks acts as a ticking clock that we borrowed for Wolf. Going from attack scene, to crime scene, to detective work, is such an engaging format and we use a narrative style to keep the audience’s attention.”

The Burbs


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“This film has such wonderful character comedy. The dynamic of the neighborhood is so interesting and realistic and goofy, each line is a joke or the set up for a joke, and the message is so profound in the end. The filmmakers are able to pull off such an amazing sleight of hand, they distract the audience with comedy and the detective story so their allegiance is with the main characters, who we learn by the end are paranoid criminals. It can teach us a lot about the psychosis of living in the burbs.”

King of the Hill 


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Mike Judge and Greg Daniels have such an ability to create small town characters and humor that is exclusive to them. The characters are so rich that the comedy comes from listening to the actors reveal how their minds work. I dream of making more comedy like that, characters that endearingly make people laugh.”

The Silence of the Lambs


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“The first horror film to win Best Picture, and it deserved it. I love this movie because it’s a classic underdog story and the filmmakers work magic engaging the audience in this little FBI agent’s struggles in a male-dominated field. It’s the first popular fiction based on the work of John Douglas and the behavioral sciences division at the FBI (now made famous by Mindhunter), and it taught audiences about the ongoing fight we have to wage against serial murder, while putting them into a detectives shoes. There’s a scene in a doorway between Buffalo Bill and Clarice that has MANY similarities to our film.”

The Bird with the Crystal Plumage


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“I just really love this film. Dario Argento’s first big hit transitioning the Italian Pulp slasher novel craze (Giallo) into film. Beyond creating a movement and a career for Argento and his team, this movie is a really fun detective story and showcase of Italian culture and cinema in the 70’s; zoom lenses, long takes, shocking murder scenes, I love this film; and it has a great twist and reveal!!!”

The Wolf of Snow Hollow is now available via VOD. Written and directed by Jim Cummings, the film also stars Robert Forster, Riki Lindhome, and Jimmy Tatro.

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