Jeopardy Clip Sees Ryan Reynolds Cameo on a Final Alex Trebek Episode

Reynolds also reflects on working with Trebek one last time.


As Jeopardy! fans embark on the final five episodes hosted by the late Alex Trebek, they were gifted with a special preview clip of an upcoming episode featuring Ryan Reynolds. Now, those two things might not seem connected, but there was a good reason for Reynolds’ cameo. The actor was seen giving a video clue about his new movie, Free Guy, which happens to feature Trebek in a cameo role as himself.

On Monday evening, the Jeopardy! Twitter account shared the preview of Reynolds’ upcoming episode. Reynolds delivers the following clue to contestants: “In my 2020 movie Free Guy, I play a bank teller who comes to realize that he’s really an NPC, short for this kind of character.” From there, the clip cut to a brief promo for Free Guy before one of the contestants correctly guessed the right answer. And no, I’m not going to spoil the answer for you here; go watch the clip!

Shortly after the clip was posted, Reynolds retweeted it and added his own message, touching on how wonderful it was to work with Trebek, a fellow Canadian, one final time: “It’s an honor (and a little heartbreaking) to be with #AlexTrebek one last time on @Jeopardy.”

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The latest trailer for Free Guy — released all the way back in October 2020 — teases Trebek’s cameo. Toward the end of the trailer, as the action ramps up, Trebek’s voice can be heard talking about Reynolds’ character, the NPC hero known as Guy. There is a poignancy in seeing Reynolds appear on Trebek’s show after Trebek worked on his movie. At the time of Trebek’s passing, Reynolds tweeted his condolences and commented on their time spent working on Free Guy, sharing, “Alex Trebek was kind enough to film a cameo for our film Free Guy last year despite his battle. He was gracious and funny. In addition to being curious, stalwart, generous, reassuring, and of course, Canadian. We love you, Alex. And always will.”

The final Alex Trebek-hosted episodes will air through January 8. Watch Ryan Reynolds’ appearance on Jeopardy! below. For more, find out when Free Guy is set for release this year and get a look at Reynolds’ new movie The Adam Project.

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