Jenna Ortega: 6 Things To Know About The Yes Day Star

Frequently, it is rare for anyone to achieve as much as Jenna Ortega in as little time as she has, and with as young as she is. From going toe-to-toe with a serial killer on the Netflix drama You, to starring in the platform’s latest family comedy Yes Day, and her inspirational social media presence as a crusader for diversity, the actress is everywhere. At just 18, she is also following in the footsteps of her The Babysitter: Killer Queen co-star Bella Thorne by becoming the latest former Disney Channel star to make the jump to Scream-franchise star after joining the cast of the upcoming fifth installment.

For those who are only hearing about this rising starlet for the first time, I would say that there is probably no better time to do your homework than now, given how quickly she is approaching A-lister status. That is where we come in. The following is a collection of six essential facts any devoted follower or fan in the making of Jenna Ortega should know, starting with a glimpse into her cultural background.

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