Jeff’s Favorite Movies and TV Shows of 2020

Next year brings the ‘Dexter’ revival and new films from the Andersons — Wes and Paul Thomas.


Happy New Year! On the latest episode of The Sneider Cut, your esteemed host Jeff Sneider offers up his year in review, from his Top 10 Movies of 2020 to his Top 25 TV Shows. Additionally, he lists the 10 Worst Movies of 2020, starting with the head-scratching comic book movie The New Mutants at #10.

Jeff also runs down his most anticipated movies coming in 2021, as well as a massive list of new and returning shows that he’s excited to watch in the new year, including the Dexter revival and new films from the Andersons — Wes (The French Dispatch) and Paul Thomas (Soggy Bottom).

Thank you for taking the time to listen to The Sneider Cut, which you can find in both audio and video form below. The show will return on Friday, Jan. 8, though it will continue to run on Thursdays in 2021. You can also find Jeff’s podcast by subscribing to Collider Extras wherever you get your podcasts. Simply click the ‘subscribe’ button on the embedded player below.

If you have any movie or TV related questions for Jeff, please drop him a line at or on Twitter at @TheInSneider once your New Years Eve hangover wears off. Stay safe out there tonight, and make sure to party responsibly, as Jeff can’t afford to lose any viewers/listeners!

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