James Spader: 10 ’80s And ’90s Movies To Watch If You Like The Blacklist Star

Stargate (1994)

Stargate kicked off the Stargate franchise. In the film, Americans open a portal to another planet inhabited by humans and an alien who took over a human body. Kurt Russell plays Colonel Jonathan “Jack” O’Neil who leads the mission. Spader plays Daniel Jackson, an archaeologist and linguist who finds the keys to open the Stargate portal. Most of the movie involves Jack, Daniel, and their crew trying to find a way back home and fighting the alien Ra (Jaye Davidson).

Daniel is an optimistic and curious character. He explores this new world with compassion and a healthy curiosity and respect for the inhabitants. Daniel is intellectual but he’s also a bit of an oddball, which makes him a fun character, especially when paired with the more serious Jack character. Stargate is currently available to watch for free on Youtube with ads.

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