Jake Gyllenhaal, Antoine Fuqua Action Film The Guilty Heading to Netflix


We’ve been keeping tabs on The Guilty for a little bit now. First we reported that that the remake of the 2018 Danish thriller, then we reported that Antoine Fuqua would be directing the project, reuniting with his Southpaw star Jake Gyllenhaal as the lead actor. Now, we know where we’ll be watching the fruits of their labor. Per Deadline, The Guilty has been snatched up by Netflix for worldwide distribution rights — and they paid quite the hefty penny for it, too.


Image via Sony

The Guilty is a contained thriller starring Gyllenhaal as a 911 operator in a call center who receives an agitated call from an agitated caller, and is flung into a world of chaos as a result. Nic Pizzolatto (True Detective) adapted the new screenplay, and Gyllenhaal and Fuqua will produce alongside original film director Gustav Möller, Gyllenhaal’s producing partner Riva Marker, Fuqua’s producing partner Kat Samick, Scott Greenberg, Michel Litvak, Gary Michael Walters, David Litvak, Svetlana Metkina, David Haring, Annie Marter, Christian Mercuri, and Jon Oakes.

That is quite the list of producers, and Netflix paid quite the amount of money for distribution rights: $30 million for the deal, and the film hasn’t even been shot yet (production is scheduled to begin by the end of the year). From a certain practical standpoint this makes sense for Netflix; recent Netflix star-driven actioners Extraction and The Old Guard have given the streaming service gangbusters numbers, and the contained nature of the picture likely means its production costs will be low, and its COVID-safe status easier to maintain. Everything about this movie, from its subject to its talent, piques my interest — here’s hoping it does for enough other folks to deserve the price tag.

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