It Looks Like KARATE KID III Villain Terry Silver Has Been Set Up to Join COBRA KAI Season 4 — GeekTyrant

Cobra Kai Season 3 was released last weekend, and if you’re like me, you binged straight through that thing in one night. But upon a rewatch last night, I discovered a piece of information that I missed the first time around. Fans have speculated that the comrade of John Kreese that we saw in the flashback scenes and the photo on the Cobra Kai instructors desk was the villainous character Terry Silver from The Karate Kid Part III.

We knew from the film that the character was a friend of Kreese’s from the Vietnam War, and the backstory that took place there seemed to set it all up without exactly confirming it. Then we saw the call that Kreese makes in the final episode, seemingly calling in a favor as tensions have risen to a boiling point and the characters are facing the upcoming tournament that will see the newly reformed dojos square off.

But as it turns out, we are given the confirmation that the character is in fact Terry Silver right in episode 6, “King Cobra,” when Kreese’s team has been found by the enemy, and his friend “Ponytail” is executed in front of them. His friend, previously referred to in the episode as “Twig,” then shouts, “Oh, God, he’s dead because of me! It’s all my fault. Oh my God!” Captain Turner then snaps at Twig, saying, “Shut your goddamn mouth, Silver!” It’s a little muffled, and I probably thought I heard “soldier” in the place of Silver the first time around. But it was clear as day on the second watch. Just to confirm, Netflix’s closed captioning reaffirms that the captain says “Silver” and not solider.

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So, it looks like we can expect to see Terry Silver appear in Cobra Kai Season 4! Check out the clip we recorded of the scene below, and let us know what you think about Terry Silver joining Season 4 of the series.

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