Incredibles, Finding Dory, Toy Story Get New Pixar Popcorn Mini Shorts

More ‘Coco,’ coming soon.

Pixar announced a lot yesterday, including new features like Turning Red and Lightyear (!) and new original Disney+ material, like a return to the worlds of Cars and Up and a new, Rashomon-like longform series about a softball team. And one of the more interesting projects introduced yesterday was something called Pixar Popcorn. Yum.

Pixar Popcorn was described by Pixar chief creative officer (and director of the upcoming Pixar masterpiece Soul) as “mini-shorts” featuring “your favorite Disney characters.” The image that flashed briefly on the screen including references to Toy Story (“To Fitness and Beyond,” “Fluffy Stuff with Ducky and Bunny”), The Incredibles (“Chore Day the Incredibles Way,” “Cookie Num Num”), Cars (um “Dancing with the Cars”), Coco (“A Day of the Life of the Dead”), Finding Dory (“Dory Finding”), and Soul (“Soul of the City”). What these are, exactly, is anybody’s guess. And it’s not clear if they’re wholly new ideas or bits of unused animation or discarded story concepts that were fleshed out and completed for use in the series. Also, no love for Onward? What gives?

We’ll find out more about these micro-shorts soon enough, as the Pixar Popcorn shorts begin airing on Disney+ in January.

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