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I have really enjoyed my time playing this game. Is it my favorite game ever? No. However, I looked forward to playing it, only moving on so that I can work on the next game. I am going to say that the one thing I wasn’t a big fan of was the frequency of Zeus’s commentary. The idea is that you control Fenyx who ends up following the path of heroes like Heracles and Odysseus to save the world from Typhon. Prometheus is telling the story of Fenyx to Zeus, which means we get a lot of commentary from Zeus. Some of it is fun, but there are times it felt like there was too much commentary from Zeus. I actually really liked how as you hit certain parts of the game, you would just hear Prometheus start narrating instead of using countless cutscenes, but Zeus almost always has a snarky comment to make about whatever Prometheus is saying. Sometimes the comments are welcome and funny, but there were so many that just felt annoying.

That being said, I enjoyed a lot of the game. The art style is definitely something that many aren’t going to love, but I enjoyed it. It had its own charm about it. Overall, everything looks cohesive and in my opinion great. The sound was also well done. The voice acting is fantastic and the music is fun to listen to. As for the controls, I started on mouse and keyboard and it worked rather well. I tried using a controller and things were so confusing to me. Granted, you can customize your keybinds, so maybe I should’ve done that, but the mouse and keyboard work great.

Immortals Fenyx Rising is a game that makes exploration fun. You have a variety of things you can go for if you don’t want to progress the story like weapons or ingredients used to craft potions, upgrade your health, upgrade your stamina, upgrade your weapons and armor, and even upgrade your abilities. This can all be done at a convenient location, and I actually like the fact that there aren’t recipes for you to unlock or discover. It’s always, get X and Y to create a health potion, etc. My only complaint here is that it takes a lot of Ambrosia to get even the first health upgrade. Speaking of equipment though, I do really appreciate that once you get a new weapon, you can apply its skin to any other weapon of that type. That means that you can choose function over aesthetic, but then get the aesthetic that you want. I really appreciate that.

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As a bonus, I’ve really enjoyed the puzzles that the game has thrown at me in the Vaults of Tartarus and in the overworld.

Immortals Fenyx Rising is a very fun game and is definitely worth checking out. It’s a highlight for me this year for sure. Yes, there are easy comparisons to other popular games, but that shouldn’t detract from what is a very enjoyable game. There’s good humor in the writing (even if it gets excessive at times), and it’s fun to be the next Greek hero saving the gods.

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