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Social media sensation and epic dancer Josh Killacky just added music superstar-in-the-making to his resume with ‘Overdue’ and he tells HL EXCLUSIVELY what ‘inspired’ this new EP.

It seems like it’s a question of when, and not if, Josh Killacky will be one of the Internet’s biggest stars. The dancer – who has appeared on World of Dance, X Factor, Dancing With The Stars, and in the movie Opening Night — has built up a following on TikTok and Instagram with videos that showcase not just his incredible routines and natural charisma. The net step – pun intended – in his career arrives on Oct. 30, with Overdue, his debut EP. Josh has already given his 1.2 million followers a taste with “Talk Body,” the lead single. It’s no surprise, knowing Josh’s background, that “Talk Body” is designed to make you get out of your seat and dance.

“This is my first really big project I drop as a music artist,” Josh tells HollywoodLife in an EXCLUSIVE interview over email, “so I’m excited to project my musical work into the world as a package as opposed to dropping one song and seeing where that goes.” During the interview, Josh tells HL some of his musical influences, why he’s comfortable with being a goof on TikTok, and what he’ll consider his personal highlight once 2020 is all said and done.

HollywoodLife: You’re releasing Overdue on 10/30. Your background is predominantly in dance – so what was the inspiration behind this new music-based direction? Was it something you’ve always wanted to pursue, or is it like, “hey, let’s give this a shot?”  

Josh: The inspiration behind my new music direction is for me to be able to create more in-depth visuals using my OWN music. The only reason I even started dancing in the first place is because of my love for music. Also, growing up, I’ve always felt one with music. I can’t just listen and be still. So, once given an opportunity to be in a boyband about 5 years ago, while hearing my voice on an actual song, inspired me to keep creating music.

Would you say your dance background was an influence on this music? Like, did it have to pass a “this needs to make me want to move before I release it” litmus test?  

I’d say 100% of the music I release/make needs to force me to move my body. Even if it’s an acoustic, low energy song. I really want to feel like I need to create to it. That’s what makes it feel authentic to me. The coolest part about making music is that I always think of visuals while recording. Or sometimes, I think of a visual concept in order to think of a song concept.

We’ve established that you’re a dance, one who is quite graceful – but you are also not afraid to get playful and silly. Where do you think this – for lack of a better term – goofy side comes from?  

So, I’m known to be a versatile dancer when it comes to graceful, contemporary dances, funny, silly, playful dancing, or a hardcore hip-hop, confident routine. That all comes from studying/training in all different styles of dance while growing up. I really used to take three dance classes every single day for years.


Our song speaks for itself 🗣🔥 @bluprint01 #talkbody #talkbody #dance #challenge #fyp

♬ TALK BODY by Josh Killacky and BluPrint – Josh Killacky

But, anyways — the more you get to know me, you’ll see that I have a goofy personality, mainly because I love making people smile. Plus, I used to watch Jim Carrey films every day because that’s my favorite actor. His animated faces force you to watch and laugh. So, a lot of my inspiration comes from him.

Who would you say were some of your biggest musical influences growing up?  

My biggest musical influences growing up are Justin Bieber, Miguel, Drake, Chris Brown, Bruno Mars, The Weeknd, Zayn, and Post Malone. I’m influenced by each artist for different reasons. Whether that being on stage performance, how they write, vocal ability, or melodies!

What would you say is your proudest moment on Overdue? Was there a particular line or verse? Or, is it the whole project itself?  

My most proud moment on the debut EP would be the project as a whole. This is my first really big project as a music artist, so I’m excited to project my musical work into the world as a package as opposed to dropping one song & seeing where that goes. My EP means the most because of what it stands for. “Overdue” my work as a musician has been overdue. I’ve been waiting to drop so much music for the world, but now is the time.

Which of your tracks would you like to see take off on TikTok?

The track I’d love to see take off on Tiktok is TALKBODY.

To end on a positive note: Though 2020 has been kind of a wash, what would you say is a personal highlight of the year?

My personal silver lining for 2020 would be dropping this EP. I’ve worked so hard on each song, making sure it’s perfect, made a 40min live visual to it, and overcame so many mental challenges in order for my project to come to fruition. It’s the first time I actually feel like a true, respectable music artist. Not just another dancer.

Josh’s debut EP Overdue arrives on 10/30


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