Hunt a Killer Blair Witch Review: A Great Way to Extend Halloween


As of this writing, it’s a day before All Hallows Eve (or Halloween if you simply must), and just a few short hours before the horror-fying holiday is gone until 2021. But you don’t have to stop celebrating all things terrifying and terrorizing just because November rolls into town. In fact, you can keep the Halloween vibe going for the next few months (at least!) with an all-new horror-movie inspired tabletop game that’ll get you in the spirit.

Late last month, we brought you word that Hunt A Killer had partnered with Lionsgate to release a new Blair Witch tabletop experience aimed at allowing players to immerse themselves in the iconic, contemporary horror universe. The interactive-experience company’s latest release, Hunt A Killer Horror: Blair Witch, is currently available for early access and released earlier this month. But is it worth picking up? Does it evoke that Blair Witch feeling? And how just how spooky is it?

Hunt a Killer was kind enough to send a promo copy my way so that I could dig into the mystery surrounding a missing boy in the relatively small town of Burkittsville. The first thing I did was make sure that everything included in the kit (provided along with a handy checklist) was actually there. And there’s a lot! There’s a good amount of various paperstock items (which give the “evidence” a nice variety of tactile feel and visual appeal) along with little trinkets and even usable items, like a blacklight pen. (That last item comes in very handy when cracking the case.) Despite the wealth of information, however, you’ll only be able to suss out enough truth to get yourself to the next step in the case, and that step can be very spooky.

How spooky? Well, the story that unfolds around the missing boy’s disappearance and the eye-witness testimonies of townsfolk who saw him isn’t all that scary; it’s pretty standard actually. Delve into the boy’s journal and his interactions with a mysterious stranger, and things start to get a little weirder. Sit down and actually do some code-breaking, however, and boy does this bit of sleuthing begin to unnerve you. I highly recommend either solving it during the daylight hours or, at the very least, keep checking over your shoulder. Should your detective skills prove true, the ultimate reveal of the next step in the case comes by way of an audio clue, which is a nice change-up from the pen-and-paper work that forms the bulk of the mystery.

Overall, this being my first experience with Hunt a Killer, it was a super-positive one. The mystery is not too hard to figure out (at least this first step so far) but comes with plenty of red herrings to keep you guessing. And while it’s downright creepy, it only vaguely feels like a Blair Witch story at the moment despite the town’s history and the vast amounts of lore delivered in the first kit’s evidence box. It definitely belongs in the Blair Witch canon even if it’s more Scooby-Doo at the moment. Still, I’d highly recommend checking it out if you want to keep the Halloween spirit going a few months longer.

Rating: B+

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Is Burkittsville still hiding the dark and mysterious secret of the Blair Witch? What is still lurking in those haunted woods? Now, a new game by Hunt A Killer, the makers of the popular mystery, sci-fi, and horror themed games, lets players discover the frightening history of the Blair Witch for themselves.

In this new season, players become detectives to solve a missing persons case near the infamous Black Hills Forest. The storyline begins with an introduction to Rosemary Kent, a woman who lives near the edge of the forest and is looking for help to find her missing son. Over the course of six boxed episodes, players will investigate the mysterious woods and learn about any disappearances, while finding out more about the powerful forces that reside there. From there they must piece together the clues, face the horror of the Blair Witch and those who serve her, and find out if they can survive the woods.

Each month, a new boxed episode will be delivered to the Member’s doorstep, and they must work to unfold the story while sifting through a variety of cryptic documents, audio recordings, and unsettling puzzles. By the end of the season, enough horrific clues will have surfaced to help solve the case. Along the way players will have access to resources and can join the Hunt A Killer private Facebook community to ask for tips and socialize with others playing the game.

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