How Movies Anywhere Shows the Best Streaming Library Is One You Control

I’m well aware that many folks like me who prefer keeping their DVD and Blu-ray collections out on a shelf, but digital collections are growing. Instead of having racks and racks of CDs, we now keep our music in digital libraries where they’re easier to sort and access. But when those digital movies belong to streaming services and those streaming services are beholden to licensing deals that forces movies to jump between services, what do you do? How do you access your digital content efficiently?

That’s one of the reasons I’m such a fan of Movies Anywhere. I feel like I’m building a streaming collection comprised solely of movies I enjoy (otherwise I wouldn’t have bought the movie in the first place), and I never have to worry about the titles disappearing. Now I have a collection of all my digital movies in one location, and if I’m looking for a good movie on a Friday night, I don’t have to wonder if The Mask of Zorro or Die Hard has disappeared. I don’t have to see if it’s no longer on a streamer, and decide between shelling out for a rental or begrudgingly finding another film to watch. The movie is mine, and I can watch it as many times as I want whenever I want on a Movies Anywhere connected account. The service is free, works across multiple platforms, device, and retailers, which makes is a good umbrella for all of my movies. That’s not to mention unique functionality like Screen Pass where I can easily share those movies with friends and family.

SVOD has its upsides, but when it comes time to watching my favorite movies, I don’t want to depend on licensing agreements. I want them in one place, at my viewing pleasure.

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