Henry Cavill Reportedly Trying To Negotiate Better Deal For The Witcher After Superman News

There’s no magic formula for creating a successful TV show, and as a result the stars of the projects in question start off with standard salaries for the first season, covering all bases in the event it winds up tanking in the ratings and getting canceled. However, if the series ends up running for years and consistently draws in a huge audience, the actors and actresses who play the main roles end up rolling in cash.

Take Friends, for example. When the sitcom first hit the airwaves, the six relative unknowns were paid $22500 an episode. Fast forward a decade, and the all-conquering comedy was in the position to fork out a million dollars apiece to ensure that Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc signed on for the final three seasons.

As the most popular show on the planet when it first aired, one that went on to become Netflix’s most successful original series ever, you can guarantee that Henry Cavill will have received a significant increase on the $400000 he was awarded for each of the first eight episodes of The Witcher. However, insider Daniel Richtman is claiming that the actor is trying to negotiate an even better deal for Season 3, following the news that Superman was being rebooted without his involvement.

Of course, the two projects have absolutely nothing to do with each other, and if anything Cavill’s bargaining power has only weakened. Netflix no longer have to worry about scheduling conflicts should The Witcher‘s leading man be asked to return to the DCEU in any significant capacity, and Geralt of Rivia is the 37 year-old’s most prominent role now that the Man of Steel will return with another actor under the costume.

Cavill will be presumably be earning at least half a million dollars per episode for The Witcher Season 2 , which would already make him the highest-paid TV star on Netflix, and it would be bizarre for him to demand more money because Warner Bros. don’t have faith in him to lead a Superman franchise.

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