Happiest Season Ending: How Things Ended For Each Character

Ted Gets Elected Mayor Without Selling His Family Out

Harper’s father is Ted, played by Victor Garber, who is of actually part of the gay community in Hollywood, but here he’s playing a dad’s dad who is running for Mayor. Ted is all about reputation and good impressions, but you can tell he’s got a sweet side to him too. There were a few moments there where I really felt like Abby was going to go up to him and ask for his blessing and everything would be OK. But, this family really needed the roots pulled out from under them. 

At the end of Happiest Season, Ted’s chances of getting support from Ana Gasteyer’s character and impressing his guests seem out the window after Harper and Sloane’s public fight. Once Tipper speaks to him about their dumb “perfect” ways, Ted snaps out of it and accepts his family with open arms. Directly after, he does receive a call from Gasteyer’s Harry Levin who is willing to give him leadway, but only if Harper stays quiet about her being in a relationship with a woman. He rejects the offer, and a year later he has become mayor anyway through other avenues. Yay!

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