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I enjoy putting together the occasional plastic model with my favorites being Gundam models, also known as Gunpla. I’ve spent a lot of time scouring the internet for advice on how to get the best finish, but now there’s a book that may prove to be a great boon to many aspiring hobbyists. Handbook of Gunpla Modeling by Ken-ichi Nomoto is now available in English! This book features guides and tips to help create the best Gunpla you can with guides on what tools you need, modding parts, painting parts, and more. If you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some models to go build with help from this book.

The first official English Gunpla modeling manual!

This book covers the full process of building Gunpla, from the very basics to more advanced techniques to make your model look cooler.

Whether you are a beginner about to build your first kit or you are looking to take your technique one step further, you will find plenty of useful tips and step-by-step tutorials to suit your needs.

The author Ken-ichi Nomoto is a veteran plastic model builder known for his detailed tutorials serialized in Monthly Hobby Japan magazine and also published as books.

This manual is a bestseller in Japan and has been reprinted many times over the years.

Table of contents:

1) Let’s build a kit! — The basics of Gunpla, from cutting out parts to applying stickers

2) How to finish a straight build — Introduction of simple techniques to make your model look much better

3) Advanced techniques: finishing — Techniques to improve the look, such as gloss adjustment and weathering

4) Advanced techniques: modding — Modding to step up your technique and improve the precision of parts

5) Finishing with full painting — Master painting with spray cans and airbrushing

Assembling vintage Gunpla — How to build vintage kits, difficult to handle but with their own charm

Troubleshooting — How to fix all kinds of issues, from broken parts to building mistakes and more

You can purchase Handbook of Gunpla Modeling from Amazon.

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