Godzilla Vs. Kong Director Confirms Spoilers Are Really Coming From Merchandise

In an effort towards full disclosure, I have personally seen Godzilla vs. Kong, and therefore am fully aware of how Mechagodzilla factors into the new film – but I am going to allow that much to be a surprise that the blockbuster delivers itself. If you’re reading this part of the article you now know for sure that you will get to see a modern update of the metal titan in the 2021 movie, but you’ll just have to speculate about how he plays into the part.

For what it’s worth, Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures haven’t done a great job hiding Mechagodzilla from fans who were always going to deeply examine every bit of promotion for Godzilla vs. Kong. Not only is there a brief glimpse at the monster in the first trailer for the upcoming film, but he is very clearly teased in the latest footage released in the run up to the movie:

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