Godzilla Coming to Mobile as TOHO Announces Three Games in 2021

The 390-foot King of the Monsters is coming to mobile worldwide!


TOHO Games, the game division of Toho Co., Ltd., has announced three new Godzilla mobile games coming this year. The first game, Run Godzilla, was released for iOS and Android on March 25 and is currently free to play worldwide. Godzilla Destruction and Godzilla Battle Line are prepped to launch in April; however, players can already begin pre-registering for Godzilla Destruction. Players who pre-register will also receive special awards and bonuses upon the game’s release.

Run Godzilla is a bizarre idle game in which players must raise Godzilla and Kaiju every day for them to survive. The game takes place on a nestled-away planet where civilization is considerably wiped out. On this planet, there is a small village in which players can raise Kaiju. One slight difference in these Titans — they love to run. Players will have to offer prayer to Godzilla and Kaiju to make them stronger and ultimately keep their villagers, Godzilla and Kaiju as happy and healthy as possible.

However, don’t worry if your Godzilla or Kaiju leave because players can still look at and remember their Titans long after they’re gone! Run Godzilla is filled with many different elements all working together to form a coherent and exciting Godzilla game.

Image via Toho Co., Ltd.

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Godzilla Destruction has not received a release date yet; however, this sure-to-be exciting game will be much less complex and easier to play than Run Godzilla. Players will set out to cause ultimate destruction across every corner of the globe with none other than the King of Monsters himself. Players can begin pre-registering for the game by following the official Godzilla Destruction Facebook and Twitter accounts. The third game, Godzilla Battle Line, is being titled after a “three-minute monster all-star battle” and will see players building a roster of Titans to battle other players’ rosters around the world.

Godzilla has certainly had no shortage of game adaptations in the last 30 years, although getting the 390-foot Titan right in a video game has proven challenging for many companies. Keiji Ota, Director and Chief Godzilla Officer at TOHO, explains that “TOHO has been deeply involved with the production process for all three games since the early planning stages,” bringing hope that the final product of all three mobile games will thoroughly appease fans.

Ota also added:

“All the staff involved in the project have worked together to keep alive the spirit of the Godzilla series, while also creating a ‘new Godzilla’ specially for the mobile game world. Whether you play on your way to work or school, or during your time off, we hope these games will help you feel closer to Godzilla in your everyday life.”

With Godzilla vs. Kong releasing March 31 in theaters and HBO Max, it is no surprise the reveal and release have come now while the hype is very real. Run Godzilla is currently available and free-to-play on iOS and Android, though fans will still have to wait until April for Godzilla Destruction and Godzilla Battle Line. Be sure to check out the exciting new promo below!

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