God of War Free PS5 Upgrade Release Date Revealed

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Since being released for PlayStation 4 in 2018, the streamlined, narratively pulverizing, and wholly engrossing video game God of War (not to be confused with 2005’s original God of War) has earned countless accolades, become one of that console’s most beloved titles, and earned a spot in PS+’s 20 free PS4 games available to PlayStation 5 owners. Now, it can add another feather to its Norse armored-cap. Starting tomorrow, February 2, 2021, PS5 players of God of War can receive a free PS5-optimized upgrade. Kratos, simply, will not have looked better.

Developers Santa Monica Studio revealed that “our team has been working on a video graphics mode option that will enable players to get the most out of the increased performance capabilities of the PlayStation 5” since the new console’s launch. And now, “on February 2nd, we will be releasing a free patch that replaces the current video graphics mode option with a new default setting that will offer the best of both performance and resolution to our PlayStation 5 players!” Exclamation mark theirs not mine, but I’m inclined to agree!

A PS5 screenshot of God of War 2018
Image via Santa Monica Studio

Santa Monica Studio says the PS5 patch will offer an “enhanced performance experience,” offering 60 FPS performance and full 4K resolution at 2160p (currently, the PS4 version plays on PS5 with a version that favors performance or a version that favors resolution; this new patch seems to intertwine the two). As someone who just started playing the game when I got my new PS5 and downloaded it for free on PS+, I am beyond excited to upgrade it midstream and get as much bang out of my nonexistent bucks as possible. And for those next-gen gamers who missed this one: rectify that with this free download immediately.

God of War is currently available to play on PS4 and PS5 (the latter being free to PS+ members, and with this free PS5 upgrade starting 02/02/2021 to boot). The official synopsis for the game is below.

Kratos is a father again. As mentor and protector to Atreus, a son determined to earn his respect, he is forced to deal with and control the rage that has long defined him while out in a very dangerous world with his son.His vengeance against the Gods of Olympus behind him, Kratos now lives in the realm of Norse deities and monsters.It’s in this harsh, unforgiving world that he must fight to survive, and not only teach his son to do the same… but also prevent him from repeating the Ghost of Sparta’s bloodstained mistakes.This staggering reimagining of God of War combines all the hallmarks of the iconic series – brutal combat, epic boss fights, and breathtaking scale – and fuses them with a powerful and moving narrative that re-establishes Kratos’ world.

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