Ghost of Tsushima Raid Time Confirmed by Sucker Punch Productions


If you, like me, expected the new Ghost of Tsushima: Legends raid to drop during today’s update at 11am ET, you’ve probably figured out by now (like me) that that wasn’t the case. Instead, Sucker Punch Productions dropped new weekly content this morning by way of new weekly challenges on Nightmare mode. Best these challenges and you’ll be raid-ready when “The Tale of Iyo” drops later today. Just when, exactly?

It’s looking like 6pm ET, assuming everything goes according to plan. But being raid-ready isn’t just about leveling up your gear and techniques — though you should absolutely do that, too — you’ll need to have a few other things going in your favor. You’ll need to have a combined ki (gear score) of 100 at minimum, which shouldn’t be too hard if you’ve been running in Nightmare mode since gear tops out at a soft cap of 105. However, you can reforge (not re-roll) your items (5 times apiece, which gets expensive) to max them out at the current top level of 110. Doing Nightmare weekly challenges helps immensely in this regard. But there’s something else you’ll need to defeat Iyo…

Friends. More specifically, friends who also meet the above ki / gear minimums and hopefully have a good handle on Ghost of Tsushima: Legends mechanics. You’ll need them. Not only is cooperation a must for defeating the raid, it’s necessary to even attempt it. Matchmaking will be turned off for the raid, which is a little odd in my opinion; it means you’ll need to have a fully formed group ready to go when the next chapter in Iyo’s tale becomes available.

Here’s when the new raid, “The Tale of Iyo”, drops:

Additionally, new weekly challenges are now available if you want to try to knock them out before attempting the raid later today:

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