Genshin Impact 1.1 Update Introduces New Five-Star Characters


Though miHoYo has taken down their live-stream of their v1.1 update to the smash-hit title, Genshin Impact, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. This first major new update aims to progress the main storyline, bring in new five-star characters, introduce a new event, and much more. Here’s what we learned (courtesy of GameInformer):

  • Ver. 1.1 “A New Star Approaches” will be available on November 11th
  • New 5-Star characters include the Hydro archer Childe / Tartaglia and the Geo polearm-wielder Zhongli; good luck with your gacha rolls getting these two!
  • New 4-star characters include Xinyan using Pryo and Diona using Cryo
  • New event “Unreconciled Stars”, a two-week seasonal event which sees players taking on various challenges for rewards, which includes the Electro princess Fischl
  • New part of the main storyline

miHoYo has been metering out small announcements here and there on their blog, which is a great place to stay up to date. There’s a Developer Discussion, which addresses some player concerns and criticisms; expect some of that to be course-corrected in the new and future updates. There’s also guides to unlocking certain chapter quests, details on an ongoing merchandising event, and breakdowns of various move sets with associated lore. There’s lot of content to mine, and there’s more coming with today’s news of the v1.1 update, arriving November 11th.

Be sure to check out the recent accolades trailer to see what all the buzz is about:

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